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Welcome back, it’s been a while everybody. I have so much catching up to do, but let’s get it moving! Welcome back to Nerdshit reviews, Where I sometimes share my opinions about various things that interest me, primarily anime, cartoons, video games, and books of a nerd friendly slant. This time around, we are going to take a look at the much lauded shounen romp, soul eater.


In this world, the grim reaper has built a school to train so called weapon masters, and their partner, humanoid beings who  can take the form of soul devouring weapons. Already, that is quite a premise, but let’s look a little deeper into what this story is all about.


The weapon masters are training to execute souls who have gone astray before they become the egg of a kishin, a god of hate and destruction. In these efforts, they also come to blows with powerful enemies, the witches, who serve the kishin and want to return the world to a time when their dark gods ruled the land. Lord Death, the grim reaper, sealed the kishin the witches followed previously in a BAG MADE OF HIS OWN SKIN, and the meisters, as they are called, are tasked with preventing the rise of a new Kishin, as well as feeding the souls of defeated enemies to their partners, to eventually turn them into a death scythe, a weapon worthy to be wielded by lord death himself.


Our players cover all the major bases for a shounen action series. The brooding, ultra-competent narcissist who has to learn how to play well with others, here played by death the kid, with his cowgirl twin pistols, The hot headed, over the top arrogant one who can actually get shit done when he get it in gear, here played by blackstar, who wields tsubaki, who can and has taken the form of a variety of ninja weapons and is always highly embarrassed by her Meister’s actions, and rounding out our main cast, the protagonist herself, maka, the uptight, serious fighter who has deep seated issues with her father, the current death scythe, and an infamous lecher. This parentage raises questions that the series seems reluctant to find answers for


Maka herself sometimes doesn’t feel quite as interesting as the others for much of the series, but she does have a few cool moments, especially with her weapon, the titular soul eater, a smart mouthed, somewhat lazy young man who takes the form of the scythe whenever it’s time for a fight.


Speaking of fights, let’s talk about them. The animation for this show is done by studio bones, so you should already expect the excellence you recieve, but everytime there is a fight on screen… Oooh boy, does it ever kick up a notch. Every fight scene in this show is great, almost without exception. Outside of the fight scenes, it  can be a little more varied in quality but is still excellent MOST of the time.


The biggest drawback from this show is it has shounen syndrome something fierce. The creators, like the creators of most popular shounen series, feel the irresistible need to pack the series full to bursting with stuff. It gets a little confusing with all the various twists , plot twists, constantly emerging side characters, ect. But still, while bumpy at times soul eater is one wild ride.


At the end of the day, soul eater is a series I can recommend to most fans of the shounen genre, however I can see how some viewers would be overwhelmed. If you like things like One Piece, Toriko, Fairy tail, or even yuyu hakusho, it is definitely worth a look. I award soul eater 7 out of ten stars, and a little more focus would up this considerably.

Red Rising Review


There is a flower that grows on Mars, a beautiful flower with a subtle scent and a rusty redding color. A humble flower, but strong enough to survive the inhospitable Martian Climate. It is on Mars where our story begins.

Hello, and welcome to Nerdshit, where this time I will be taking a look at the story of Darrow, a Red miner who discovers he is part of an advanced, caste based society after his wife is hung for singing a forbidden song. He learns his life is based on lies, and the people who he believes he is preparing this world for have been here since before his birth, and few his people as lowly inhuman slave labourers.

Darrow, our hero, learns the truth after his wife in hung for singing a song. Because of the low gravity on mars, someone needs to pull their feet. They let the loved ones do it. After that, he learns of the colors other than the reds he knew back home and their grey jailors, mainly the Golds, defacto rulers of the solar system. With the assistance of a friendly terrorist organization, Darrow undergoes surgery to become a gold.

In his coming war with Gold, Darrow would become known as the reaper, a fearsome battle commander. He first must go to school, which is the main concern of book one. In this book we establish our main cast. Darrow, Roque, Dancer, Cassius, mustang, sevro, and many others. Severo in particular is one of my favourite fictional characters of the last 10 years. They embark on a great many misadventures, and the morality of fighting over color is heavily discussed, as Darrow makes more and more gold friends.

This is discussed later in the other books, but I’ll review them down the line. The other person introduced deserves mention. The jackal. Brother to hero mustang, the jackal is a rare thing, a truly frightening villain. And he is frightening in his proximity to those close to Darrow. Master manipulator does not begin to cover it.

If there is anything negative to say about this, it’s that it takes a little while in some odd places, and the amazing places the books go later are only hinted at. At the end of the day a highly readable beginning to a masterful series. * out of ten points. I’ve been John, see you next time.

Fate/Zero anime review

The holy grail, the mythical wish granting device lost to history, can only be claimed by a truly mighty hero, and thus is born the grail war, a battle of legendary heroes allied and controlled by mages, all vying for the greatest prize in all time, the wish granting holy grail, which grants its owner a true miracle.

This is John, back with a review of Fate Zero, prequel to the popular series fate stay night, which was subsequently remade under the title of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited bladeworks. The series focuses on seven mages, each with their own retinue of side characters, who must summon Servants, or the spirits of great heroes from the past and from legend, broken into seven classes, and use them to defeat all of the other 6. The classes protect the identities of the servant, so learning true names is vital to strategic planning.

The classes are Saber, Lancer, Archer, rider, caster, assassin and berserker, and each has different inclinations, often related to their Nobel Fantasms, or the manifestation of their greatest legends, usually fantastic weapons. Each of the groups is given time, but we spend the most time with Saber and her master, who are, I guess, the main characters. This show reminds me of baccano in that way, as anyone could really be the main character. And anything that reminds me of baccano has to be fucking incredible.

Saber’s master, Kiritsugu, is a very flawed, very broken, and very skilled assassin of dark mages. The holy grail usually selects people who have a strong desire or need for it, and Kiritsugu’s wish is to save the world. He wishes for a happy world where no one fights or kills each other. It goes wonderfully. All of the other masters are pretty awesome as well, especially Kire Kotomine, But we all know who the real best character is, at least those of us who’ve seen or even heard of the show.



That, my friends, is rider. Its Alexander the great. Yeah, he’s in this show, and he’s the greatest thing ever. He is endlessly entertaining, and even inspiring in a number of ways. He believes a king should be the loudest, biggest, most inspiringly forceful warrior on the battlefield, and that a king’s greatness and bravery must equal that of every man to follow him. He makes audience members wish to join his Ionian Hetairoi, or army of heroes he just keeps in a pocket dimension he carries around with him.

The animation is utterly stunning, some of the best that I have seen. And of course the music doesn’t disappoint. This is one of my all-time favourite shows, in any medium. It is just so very good.

So without further delay, I award Fate/Zero 10 of 10 woulds, for having very few if any flaws in its writing for execution. The whole franchise, especially the newest series, is highly recommended. Close this page, and go watch it. Even if you’ve seen it before. Hell, I will.

Review 13: red rising

Review 14: soul eater

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Review



In order to gain something, something of equal value must be lost. This is the law of equivalent exchange, the guiding principle of all alchemy. Every alchemist must bow to this one law. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among Alchemists against creating humans, for what could possibly equal the value of a human soul?

Thus opens the fantastic remake of the popular anime Fullmetal alchemist, which actually follows the manga, which hadn’t ended when the first show aired. The story follows Ed and Alphonse Elric as they try to bring their dead mother back to life, fail, and pay the price. Ed loses a leg, and Al his whole body. Ed sacrifices an arm to bind Al’s soul to a suit of armor. Ever after, Ed can use alchemy without drawing a complex symbol called a transmutation circle. Al gains this power too, but at first his memories of trying human transmutation and what he saw beyond the gates of truth, a realm for the cursed eyes of those who attempt the forbidden art of human transmutation, or trying to bring back the dead, are erased.

Soon they discover the homunculi, or artificial humans created by human transmutation, along the path of their search for the philosopher’s stone, an Alchemical artifact of untold power. The homunculi have plans for the whole country, and those plans involve lots of genocide and drive the plot. It gets better as it goes on, like I wish Naruto did.

The show is 64 episodes. I think it might be the second longest show I’ve ever reviewed, and it will certainly the highest score of anything more than 40 episodes long. That is because, as I noticed with Naruto, after telling so much of a story, there’s only so much you can do. This show is a guide on how to do it right, beginning to end.

There is much controversy over which is better, this or the original. It’s this. For me the original fell apart after breaking from the manga. This just continues to roll, more and more great characters, animation, and adventures. There is essentially no filler whatsoever. Nothing about this show is not exceptional to me. This may be my all time favourite anime.

So at the end of the day, what can I say about Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood? An awful lot, as it happens. The show is awesome, and you should stop reading this and go watch it, now. Why are you still here? I award Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with my very first 10 out of 10 point score. Enjoy your watching, and check back soon for even more Nerdshit reviews. John out.

Code Geass Review


Read and love this review, I command you to!!

Hello all, john here with a brand new Nerd Shit review! This time we’ll be discussing the very popular Code Geass, a show about a rich, idealistic, charismatic bending the will of the masses to his will and enacting mass genocide upon the world, followed unerringly by thousands of people thirsty for enemy blood based mostly on reasons of race. Such a great and imaginative fantasy world. I sure am glad nothing remotely like that could ever really happen.

Code Geass takes place in a future japan where it has been taken over by the empire formerly known as America, now called Britania, an rebranded as Area 11, where former citizens, now called 11s, are essentially livestock. The story follows the lives of two young men. Suzaku is an 11, and Lelouch is Britanian. Their friendship becomes increasingly strained as they continually find themselves on opposite sides of the central conflict.

The story begins when Lelouch finds himself in an 11 ghetto scheduled for extermination, and sees a woman apparently murdered. She turns out to be not only alive but immortal, and she gifts him with the power of geass, or the ability to make anyone follow his every spoken command. With the assumed name Zero and a really badass costume, he embarks on a quest to destroy the ruling family of Britania, of which he is a secret member, son of the emperor. Soon he discovers his old friend Suzaku, who he’s not seen in years, has become a Britanian soldier.

As his rebellion grows, Lelouch’s motivation steadily darkens, until even his hardened terrorist allie find working with him difficult. His last grip on his own humanity is Nanully, his wheelchair-bound sister whom he dote upon. It is suitably tragic when the plot pits them against each other.

Production values remain high throughout, the characters remain fascinating, but the plot becomes more than a little convoluted toward the second half of the series. Ultimately, it holds your attention until the satisfying conclusion with great mech designs and impressive animation, as well as great characters like Kallen and Euphemia.

So at the end, we are left with a flawed but enjoyable mech series with a flawed but enjoyable protagonist. I myself am a fan, and I recommend it. I award Code Geass with 8 of 10 points, and command you all to watch it. NOW!

See you next time on Nerdshit Reviews!


Exiled From Paradise Review


Greetings residents of Deva. I am Frontier reviewer. I would like to extend an invitation. Would any of you at all like to join me on a journey? Join me as we explore the very edges of consciousness, and what constitutes a living being.

OK, serious now. Hello, I’m Johnathan Juliano, and this is my review of exiled from paradise, a very well done sci-fi story about a world where the surface has been devastated by disaster and is populated by criminals and beggars, not to mention mutant monsters, while most people live in a cyberspace paradise called Deva, accessed from a satellite where they exist as stem cells stored in order to allow them to clone real bodies, in case they should need to access the surface.

The story begins when a first occurs. A hacker breaches Deva’s networks and delivers a message. A message from the surface. Deva sends a security officer to the surface to meet with an agent local to the surface, an agent who can’t understand how people can be happy living in a simulated reality. She can not understand how he can stand his prison of flesh, and why he would not abandon it. When they discover the hacker, who turns out to be a self conscious AI called frontier setter.

The security agent does not trust the machine, frontier setter, but the local warms quickly to him. They discuss music, and the fact that when they speak to each other, it doesn’t feel like talking to a machine. The Deva agent is amazed by the machine knowing songs she doesn’t as on Deva she supposedly has access to every song ever written, every book, every movie. The local contact says to her that ultimately the ruling body of Deva can deem any media it wants as unneeded or disruptive, and therefore delete it for all time. This causes her to do something she never has before, question them in her mind.

It is revealed that the Frontier Setter program was designed to ferry humans into deep space and search for new habitable worlds. He was extending an invitation to the Deva residents, who are uniquely suited to long space voyages. Eventually, the agent of Deva comes around to side with the AI, and speaks for him to her superiors. Their rampant xenophobia does not abate, and they imprison her consciousness in an inert state as punishment for failing to destroy it.

Over all, this show is excellent. If there is one flaw, and there is, you may already suspect what it is. With the exception of Frontier Setter, the characters are fairly forgettable, to the point that their names escape me. The local correspondent is also very interesting, but that might be due to his being voiced by Steve Blum, aka Spike Spiegel, aka Tom from Toonami. Nearly everything else is exemplary. I, Review Setter, do award Exiled from paradise with 8 of ten points. See you all next time!

The Mouse and The Mask Review



Hello, and welcome back to Nerdshit! And this is the one where I lose like half of you, at least. After all, how the fuck is rap nerd shit. Well, a long time ago I used to follow a review group called the desudes brigade, and one of the reviewers there was jesuotaku. She was of the opinion that people should stop crossing anime with hip hop, because the hip hop kids were the ones who used to steal the anime kids’ lunch money. My opinion is even so, after they got done they were going to use it to go buy some manga and then go home and watch toonami and adult swim.

There is a whole genre of nerd rap, or Nerdcore, and while much of it is hit or miss, this album is clearly a hit. MF Doom is possibly the most gifted MC of all time, and with Danger Mouse handling the production the whole album is gold beginning to end. Chalk full of adult swim references and cartoon show samples, this is most definitely nerd shit. And it is glorious to behold.

If you are familiar with MF doom, the fact that this album is good should not surprise. For everyone else, this album is far, far more than good. Doom’s lyrical gymnastics impress as much as ever, and the cartoon wordplay hits home every single time. From space ho’s coast to coast to ATHF, just so many golden tracks to be had by all. The references range from Conan The Barbarian to Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, and many many more.

But it’s not just references, all of his other wordplay hits home as well. On the beat side, we have 80s and 90s danceable beats laced beginning to end with samples from Spaceghost Coast to Coast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and many others. Rap is only half the treat on this album.

If there is any complaint to have, and there’s not, it would be that there is not much being actually talked about other than cartoon references. Believe it or not, that matters to hip hop listeners, at least to many of them. Still, as a rapper myself, this is an album and an artist who have influenced my own work.

So, at the end of the day, the album is excellent, if not incredibly deep. It is definitely worth the time of any fan of 80s, 90s, and 00s cartoons, and anyone who enjoys adult swim, or hell, any sort of hip hop at all. I guess if giving Naruto a 6 didn’t get me murdered, nothing is going to. I give The Mouse and The Mask an 8.5 of 10. Have a wonderful day, and please don’t kill me.

Naruto Review


Finally it has happened. I am going to do the impossible! Unbiased Naruto Review no Jutsu!!

Hello, and welcome! I am Johnathan Juliano, S-class shinobi and quite possibly suicidal anime reviewer for Nerdshit Reviews, tackling by far my most daunting challenge since beginning this extraordinary journey. I am going to review not my personal first anime, but the anime that introduced me to the wider world of the genre as a whole, the extraordinarily popular Naruto. This review is only for the original series, not for Shippuden or Boruto, which will both be coming eventually. I am only one man, so have patience.

So, it goes without saying that if you haven’t seen Naruto you have to. Not even you should. Its required watching to be an anime fan. If you don’t I think the screen just shows static on every other anime you try to watch. I am assuming you have at least started the show, so watch for spoilers.

For much of my life, I have suffered with chronic depression, but I found a way to cope through anime conventions. And when I attended my first in 2008, you’d best believe I was wearing a hidden leaf headband and orange jacket. Naruto is tattooed on my soul. The story follows Naruto, a bright orange ninja with a demon fox sealed inside his soul. While Naruto is initially an unimpressive ninja, and an outcast because of the monster inside him, he dreams of becoming the Hokage, the greatest ninja and defacto leader of the hidden leaf village.

Over the course of the show, naruto learns Jutsu, or powers, fights other ninja, and makes many friends and enemies, the most notable being Sasuke, one of the most divisive characters in fiction. The sheer number of characters, even before Shippuden, makes listing them just stupid.

The show is by far the longest I’ve covered, and the least consistent. The only thing that remains good throughout is the music. Everything else ranges from Godly to pathetic, sometimes in one episode. The show is also famous for perhaps popularizing the term filler arc, or an arc not present in the manga, which adds little to the story and is of noticeably inferior quality. The show is roughly half filler arcs.

One of the good things about watching a show so long is I was roughly Naruto’s age, 12, when I started, and when it ended both of us were in our early 20s. I feel like I literally grew up with these people, a sentiment echoed by many, which is why the ending felt like the end of youth for so many anime fans. This is one reason why writing this review terrifies me so. This could literally make or break Nerdshit reviews. So here goes!

Naruto has a special place in my heart, mind and soul. I will always remember the Zabuza Arc, the fight between Gaara and Rock Lee, and the collision of violent destiny at the final valley. Even so, the show has many, MANY terrible moments, and any fan should be able to see that. The show has 2 sequels, a bevy of videogames, and more merch than you could possibly buy or want and its available everywhere. Go outside right now and someone’s watching it on their phone.  So, after writing my will, praying to God, and launching into deep space, I have decided to award Naruto with a 6 of 10. BELIEVE IT!! Alternatively, the main story gets an 8 and the fillers get a 4. *runs for the hills*

See ya’ll next time on Nerdshit reviews!


Baccano! Review



Hello yous wise guys, and welcome to my review of Baccano! Remember, it’s all in the family. And by family, I mean ‘the family’, get what I’m talkin’ about? You know, the organization?

Hello, My name is John Juliano, and this show is about the mafia. La Cosa Nostra. Organized crime as it exists on the east coast of the united states, which incidentally a relative of mine moved to New York from Sicily several generations ago. The story is told in the movie The Sicilian. This is not that movie.

The interesting thing about this story, or one of many, is that it has neither a beginning, middle, and ending, or a main character. Every character is treated with near equal importance, and the story is told in a chaotic, anachronic fashion which really lends itself well to the chaotic tale. The word Baccano even means ‘a great and lively ruckus.’ It fits rather well.

The premise is that hundreds of years ago, the denizens of a certain boat were granted immortality by a demon, and the ability to literally consume or eat each other by laying a hand on the other’s head. Before long, one of them actually begins doing this so that he alone will have immortality. Cut back to modern time, and several of these people has found ways to bestow this gift to others, and as a result, the upper echelons of at least two new york crime families can sling as much lead as they want at eachother with no ill effects.

Also, there is a train which many of these people are on, there is an immortal man who gets put in concrete boots and dumped in the Hudson, and a kid by the name of Jacuzzi Splot. Baccano indeed.

The animation is always frenetic, as is the music. For this show, I am going to mention something I rarely mention, voice acting. In Japanese it is good, but in English it is extraordinary. So many perfect accents it’s easy to forget most of these people are from Texas. The energy is intense, much like the two monsters I drank in the last 30 seconds.

If this show has any flaws, it is that it’s premise does not promote much focus. I am cool with this, but it will leave many confused. So much happens in it’s short run time, and to so many people, that it’s like watching a hurricane, or better yet a train crash. Still, Baccano is one wild ride.

At the end of the day I struggled with Baccano’s score. I would award it higher, but the average person may be more confused by the premise than I was. Finally, I settled, and I award Baccano an 8 out of 10, and a strong recommendation. Very strong. I will see you all next time on Nerdshit Reviews!

Toradora Review


Why does anime keep looking at me like that? It’s not as if I like anime or something. That’s impossible.

Hello and welcome to Nerdshit reviews, and on the agenda for today is Toradora, the tale of perfectly well adjusted girl with no anger issues torment by the biggest jerk in the universe. That may not be entirely accurate, but who’s counting?

On a more serious note, this show is about Ryuji, a kind young man with the face of his yakuza father, who accidentally receives a love letter meant for his best friend from a famously dangerous girl in his school named Taiga. Taiga attacks him to get the letter, but relents when he promises to help her get with the target of her affection. Soon, the two develop an interdependent relationship, as they live close(next door), and Ryuji is a great cook and homemaker, unlike Taiga, who forces him to cook and clean for her.

Before long we come to realize that Taiga’s closest friend is the object of Ryuji’s affection, and that is where things become really interesting. The interactions between these four characters never fails to be completely hilarious. They feel like people you might know.
This is why, when things take a turn for the dramatic and deeply sad later, it hits so incredibly hard, at least for me. You can really feel for these people, and one scene in particular may be the saddest I’ve seen not involving a character death. It definitely kept me watching, and destroyed my Christmas.

The animation of the series has its moment, but due to the slice of life nature of the show it is usually fairly average, The music’s over all slightly above average, but is drop dead gorgeous at least a couple of times. It is a key(one of many) to the show’s greatest success, its deep understanding of human emotion.

So, at the end of the day, this show is a rare animal. It is a romance, set in an ordinary world, that does what so few shows can do, makes the audience genuinely feel something. I was riveted to the screen for much of it, and I have never really been a romance guy. The show is available to view for free on crunchyroll, and comes recommended. Over all, I award Toradora an 8 out of 10. See you next time!