Naruto Review


Finally it has happened. I am going to do the impossible! Unbiased Naruto Review no Jutsu!!

Hello, and welcome! I am Johnathan Juliano, S-class shinobi and quite possibly suicidal anime reviewer for Nerdshit Reviews, tackling by far my most daunting challenge since beginning this extraordinary journey. I am going to review not my personal first anime, but the anime that introduced me to the wider world of the genre as a whole, the extraordinarily popular Naruto. This review is only for the original series, not for Shippuden or Boruto, which will both be coming eventually. I am only one man, so have patience.

So, it goes without saying that if you haven’t seen Naruto you have to. Not even you should. Its required watching to be an anime fan. If you don’t I think the screen just shows static on every other anime you try to watch. I am assuming you have at least started the show, so watch for spoilers.

For much of my life, I have suffered with chronic depression, but I found a way to cope through anime conventions. And when I attended my first in 2008, you’d best believe I was wearing a hidden leaf headband and orange jacket. Naruto is tattooed on my soul. The story follows Naruto, a bright orange ninja with a demon fox sealed inside his soul. While Naruto is initially an unimpressive ninja, and an outcast because of the monster inside him, he dreams of becoming the Hokage, the greatest ninja and defacto leader of the hidden leaf village.

Over the course of the show, naruto learns Jutsu, or powers, fights other ninja, and makes many friends and enemies, the most notable being Sasuke, one of the most divisive characters in fiction. The sheer number of characters, even before Shippuden, makes listing them just stupid.

The show is by far the longest I’ve covered, and the least consistent. The only thing that remains good throughout is the music. Everything else ranges from Godly to pathetic, sometimes in one episode. The show is also famous for perhaps popularizing the term filler arc, or an arc not present in the manga, which adds little to the story and is of noticeably inferior quality. The show is roughly half filler arcs.

One of the good things about watching a show so long is I was roughly Naruto’s age, 12, when I started, and when it ended both of us were in our early 20s. I feel like I literally grew up with these people, a sentiment echoed by many, which is why the ending felt like the end of youth for so many anime fans. This is one reason why writing this review terrifies me so. This could literally make or break Nerdshit reviews. So here goes!

Naruto has a special place in my heart, mind and soul. I will always remember the Zabuza Arc, the fight between Gaara and Rock Lee, and the collision of violent destiny at the final valley. Even so, the show has many, MANY terrible moments, and any fan should be able to see that. The show has 2 sequels, a bevy of videogames, and more merch than you could possibly buy or want and its available everywhere. Go outside right now and someone’s watching it on their phone.  So, after writing my will, praying to God, and launching into deep space, I have decided to award Naruto with a 6 of 10. BELIEVE IT!! Alternatively, the main story gets an 8 and the fillers get a 4. *runs for the hills*

See ya’ll next time on Nerdshit reviews!



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