Baccano! Review



Hello yous wise guys, and welcome to my review of Baccano! Remember, it’s all in the family. And by family, I mean ‘the family’, get what I’m talkin’ about? You know, the organization?

Hello, My name is John Juliano, and this show is about the mafia. La Cosa Nostra. Organized crime as it exists on the east coast of the united states, which incidentally a relative of mine moved to New York from Sicily several generations ago. The story is told in the movie The Sicilian. This is not that movie.

The interesting thing about this story, or one of many, is that it has neither a beginning, middle, and ending, or a main character. Every character is treated with near equal importance, and the story is told in a chaotic, anachronic fashion which really lends itself well to the chaotic tale. The word Baccano even means ‘a great and lively ruckus.’ It fits rather well.

The premise is that hundreds of years ago, the denizens of a certain boat were granted immortality by a demon, and the ability to literally consume or eat each other by laying a hand on the other’s head. Before long, one of them actually begins doing this so that he alone will have immortality. Cut back to modern time, and several of these people has found ways to bestow this gift to others, and as a result, the upper echelons of at least two new york crime families can sling as much lead as they want at eachother with no ill effects.

Also, there is a train which many of these people are on, there is an immortal man who gets put in concrete boots and dumped in the Hudson, and a kid by the name of Jacuzzi Splot. Baccano indeed.

The animation is always frenetic, as is the music. For this show, I am going to mention something I rarely mention, voice acting. In Japanese it is good, but in English it is extraordinary. So many perfect accents it’s easy to forget most of these people are from Texas. The energy is intense, much like the two monsters I drank in the last 30 seconds.

If this show has any flaws, it is that it’s premise does not promote much focus. I am cool with this, but it will leave many confused. So much happens in it’s short run time, and to so many people, that it’s like watching a hurricane, or better yet a train crash. Still, Baccano is one wild ride.

At the end of the day I struggled with Baccano’s score. I would award it higher, but the average person may be more confused by the premise than I was. Finally, I settled, and I award Baccano an 8 out of 10, and a strong recommendation. Very strong. I will see you all next time on Nerdshit Reviews!


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