Soul Eater



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Welcome back, it’s been a while everybody. I have so much catching up to do, but let’s get it moving! Welcome back to Nerdshit reviews, Where I sometimes share my opinions about various things that interest me, primarily anime, cartoons, video games, and books of a nerd friendly slant. This time around, we are going to take a look at the much lauded shounen romp, soul eater.


In this world, the grim reaper has built a school to train so called weapon masters, and their partner, humanoid beings who  can take the form of soul devouring weapons. Already, that is quite a premise, but let’s look a little deeper into what this story is all about.


The weapon masters are training to execute souls who have gone astray before they become the egg of a kishin, a god of hate and destruction. In these efforts, they also come to blows with powerful enemies, the witches, who serve the kishin and want to return the world to a time when their dark gods ruled the land. Lord Death, the grim reaper, sealed the kishin the witches followed previously in a BAG MADE OF HIS OWN SKIN, and the meisters, as they are called, are tasked with preventing the rise of a new Kishin, as well as feeding the souls of defeated enemies to their partners, to eventually turn them into a death scythe, a weapon worthy to be wielded by lord death himself.


Our players cover all the major bases for a shounen action series. The brooding, ultra-competent narcissist who has to learn how to play well with others, here played by death the kid, with his cowgirl twin pistols, The hot headed, over the top arrogant one who can actually get shit done when he get it in gear, here played by blackstar, who wields tsubaki, who can and has taken the form of a variety of ninja weapons and is always highly embarrassed by her Meister’s actions, and rounding out our main cast, the protagonist herself, maka, the uptight, serious fighter who has deep seated issues with her father, the current death scythe, and an infamous lecher. This parentage raises questions that the series seems reluctant to find answers for


Maka herself sometimes doesn’t feel quite as interesting as the others for much of the series, but she does have a few cool moments, especially with her weapon, the titular soul eater, a smart mouthed, somewhat lazy young man who takes the form of the scythe whenever it’s time for a fight.


Speaking of fights, let’s talk about them. The animation for this show is done by studio bones, so you should already expect the excellence you recieve, but everytime there is a fight on screen… Oooh boy, does it ever kick up a notch. Every fight scene in this show is great, almost without exception. Outside of the fight scenes, it  can be a little more varied in quality but is still excellent MOST of the time.


The biggest drawback from this show is it has shounen syndrome something fierce. The creators, like the creators of most popular shounen series, feel the irresistible need to pack the series full to bursting with stuff. It gets a little confusing with all the various twists , plot twists, constantly emerging side characters, ect. But still, while bumpy at times soul eater is one wild ride.


At the end of the day, soul eater is a series I can recommend to most fans of the shounen genre, however I can see how some viewers would be overwhelmed. If you like things like One Piece, Toriko, Fairy tail, or even yuyu hakusho, it is definitely worth a look. I award soul eater 7 out of ten stars, and a little more focus would up this considerably.


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