Exiled From Paradise Review


Greetings residents of Deva. I am Frontier reviewer. I would like to extend an invitation. Would any of you at all like to join me on a journey? Join me as we explore the very edges of consciousness, and what constitutes a living being.

OK, serious now. Hello, I’m Johnathan Juliano, and this is my review of exiled from paradise, a very well done sci-fi story about a world where the surface has been devastated by disaster and is populated by criminals and beggars, not to mention mutant monsters, while most people live in a cyberspace paradise called Deva, accessed from a satellite where they exist as stem cells stored in order to allow them to clone real bodies, in case they should need to access the surface.

The story begins when a first occurs. A hacker breaches Deva’s networks and delivers a message. A message from the surface. Deva sends a security officer to the surface to meet with an agent local to the surface, an agent who can’t understand how people can be happy living in a simulated reality. She can not understand how he can stand his prison of flesh, and why he would not abandon it. When they discover the hacker, who turns out to be a self conscious AI called frontier setter.

The security agent does not trust the machine, frontier setter, but the local warms quickly to him. They discuss music, and the fact that when they speak to each other, it doesn’t feel like talking to a machine. The Deva agent is amazed by the machine knowing songs she doesn’t as on Deva she supposedly has access to every song ever written, every book, every movie. The local contact says to her that ultimately the ruling body of Deva can deem any media it wants as unneeded or disruptive, and therefore delete it for all time. This causes her to do something she never has before, question them in her mind.

It is revealed that the Frontier Setter program was designed to ferry humans into deep space and search for new habitable worlds. He was extending an invitation to the Deva residents, who are uniquely suited to long space voyages. Eventually, the agent of Deva comes around to side with the AI, and speaks for him to her superiors. Their rampant xenophobia does not abate, and they imprison her consciousness in an inert state as punishment for failing to destroy it.

Over all, this show is excellent. If there is one flaw, and there is, you may already suspect what it is. With the exception of Frontier Setter, the characters are fairly forgettable, to the point that their names escape me. The local correspondent is also very interesting, but that might be due to his being voiced by Steve Blum, aka Spike Spiegel, aka Tom from Toonami. Nearly everything else is exemplary. I, Review Setter, do award Exiled from paradise with 8 of ten points. See you all next time!


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